Regional NewBee Coordinators

Looking for someone in your area to contact for help at a show? Every CFA region has a coordinator who can help get you the information you need.

Send them an email and let us know you’re new here!

Region 1 North Atlantic :Chris June
Region 2 Northwest: Shelly Perkins
Region 3 Gulf Shore: Leesa Altschul
Region 4 Great Lakes: Mariane Toth (with Nicole Turk)
Region 5 Southwest : Lee Dowding (with Debi Gomez)
Region 6 Midwest: Diane Wagner
Region 7 Southern: Leslie Carr
Region 8 Japan: Yukiko Shimada
Region 9 Europe:  Romain Attard and Ulrike Knueppel
International: Hairri Zikhafri and Afza Kharmizi