Reading an Entry in the Catalog

Each catalog entry contains a wealth of information about the cat. Below is a diagram of two Birman champions in two different color classes.

Note: the catalog that the judge uses is completely different. It has no identifying information about the cats. It contains only the cat’s number, sex, breed, color class and description, age, and title.

That’s a lot of information in a small space. And while most items are self-explanatory (such as breeder, owner, sire, and dam…), others may be a bit more puzzling.

Color Class – (think “color classification”) This is the first group which your cat will be judged in. Complete information is available here.

Age – the cat’s age in years/months

Region Assignment – Shown in parentheses, this denotes the CFA region where the owner lives. Consult this page to determine your region of residence.