How Do I Join the CFA New Exhibitors Group?

Want to meet other new breeders and exhibitors? Engage in a friendly space where you can ask questions and receive good advice? Join us on the CFA New Exhibitors Facebook group! It’s a private group filled with both new folks such as yourself, and “voices of experience” who can help you get the answers you need. We value kindness and guidance; no question is ever “dumb.”

Click here to request membership. Remember to fill out the simple questionnaire; blank requests will be removed. Membership limited to NEW breeders/exhibitors or people wanting to learn more about exhibiting in CFA ONLY.

How Do I Become a Protégé?

Being new to the cat fancy can be overwhelming, especially learning to breed and exhibit. Having an experienced person to talk to can help. And while the CFA Mentor Program cannot guarantee to find someone close by to help you, digital technology has brought us all closer together.

Sign up as a protégé of the CFA Mentor Program by completing the application.

More detailed information about what to expect as a protégé is available here.

How Do I Become a Mentor?

The CFA NEEDS mentors and we encourage every experienced breeder/exhibitor to volunteer to help our younger folks find their space and flourish. More information about the CFA Mentor program is available here.

Sign up as a mentor by completing this application.