Claiming Titles

How to Claim a CFA Championship (CH) or Premiership (PR) Title

(article courtesy Leesa Altschul)

Requirements for Championship (CH) or Premiership (PR) of your pedigreed registered cat:

Six (6) qualifying rings (6 rings where your cat was judged and not disqualified) and must be on file at the Central Office. You can usually claim your championship (CH) or premiership (PR) titles by the Friday after the qualifying show(s).

You can fill out a championship/premiership form, found in the show catalog, and submit it with your check to the master clerk at the show OR you can go to, select account login (or register a new account). Select Title Confirmations, then Add Online Confirmation and follow the instructions. You will need your cat’s registration number. Fees: Championship/Premiership confirmation within 45 days are $15, after 45 days are $25, and certificate for framing are $10. Cats that have not been confirmed within 90 days of qualifying for the champion (CH) or premier (PR) title will lose all grand points earned by that cat and all regional/divisional/national award points earned at any show entered after the cat obtained the final qualifying ring will also be forfeited

How to Claim a CFA Bronze (CHB/PRB), Silver (CHS/PRS) and/or Gold (CHG/PRG) Tiered Champion/Premier Title

After your cat has been confirmed/titled as a champion (CH) or premier (PR), you can choose to earn the bronze, silver, and/or gold-tiered titles. Claiming tiered titles are optional and may be claimed as each level is achieved or for the highest level achieved. The tiered titles are not required for granding.
Fee: Each tier (bronze, silver, and gold) title claim is $15.

  • Bronze (CHB/PRB) – 50 Grand Championship / 20 Grand Premiership
  • Silver (CHS/PRS) – 100 Grand Championship / 40 Grand Premiership
  • Gold (CHG/PRG) – 150 Grand Championship / 60 Grand Premiership

Before claiming a tiered title, go to and review the requirements. Once you have met the requirements, you will need the name of your cat and its registration number. Select Add To Cart and then Proceed To Checkout for payment options.

CFA Grand Champion (GC) or Grand Premier (GP) Title of Your Pedigreed Registered Cat

You must claim the Champion (CH)/Premier (PR) title before the grand points will show up. Grand points can be checked at  The tiered titles are optional and not required for granding. Grand points from the previous weekend will be posted as soon as possible. Two hundred (200) points are required for grand champion; seventy-five (75) points for grand premier. Points must be won under at least three (3) different judges.

CFA Central Office will automatically confirm cats that have completed requirements for grand champion (GC) or grand premier (GP). You do not need to fill out any forms or pay any fees for granding your cat. A certificate of confirmation will be mailed as soon as possible after show records are received and wins have been recorded.