Many new exhibitors think that if they can just master the art of grooming that they will then have a great looking cat. Perfectly grooming a cat is an art and an art well worth studying and mastering. However, bathing, combing, and grooming a cat won’t go far if one ignores 50% of the cat – that half that lies beneath the skin. The bulk of preparing a great example of any breed occurs far in advance of the Thursday or Friday night bath!

Good nutrition is important. 
Food is the fuel that your cat operates on – make sure that it meets all of her needs as far as developing firm muscles and sound coat. Remember the saying ‘Garbage in, garbage out”

Make sure your cat stays healthy. 
It may be self-evident, but traveling and showing can be tough sometimes for cats. Give him vitamin supplements if necessary to keep him in condition.

Isolate Him From the Bulk of Your Population.
Your current show cat should really be kept apart from the rest of your cat population (including your pet population). There is always the danger of injuring himself or his coat while playing too hard (or getting into a fight). Also there is always the possibility that your cat could bring back a ‘bug’ from the last show and spread it throughout your household.

Give Him Plenty of Time
Good coats and bodies just don’t happen overnight – they take months of preparation. Daily coat grooming, weekly bathing, discovering the best grooming method for him – all of these are just part of doing your grooming homework. Complete all your grooming homework and chances are much better that Fluffy will get an A in the judging ring!