Check In

When you get to the show hall, the first place that you will go to is Check-In (usually located at the doors to the main entrance). There you will receive your catalog and your benching assignment. Details of check-in may vary from area to area. Many clubs will have catalogs of all the paid entries laid out for pickup. Exhibitors owing fees will have to pay those fees to the club before they were given their catalog. Do make sure that you pick up your catalog – if you do not, then you will be marked as having been ‘absent’ and you will have to tell each ring that you are indeed present.

Check in is also where you will state if you have any absentees and/or transfers. Absentees are exactly that – a cat that you have entered that is not with you. Transfers are changes that have happened to the cat that you are showing since you entered this show. They include (but are not limited to) title changes, sex or competitive class changes, color class or color description changes. Should you not make these transfers at check in, you will have to go to each ring and give each ring clerk this information.

Should you arrive late you will have to find a member of the show committee (preferably the show manager) go get your catalog and pay fees should you owe them. Again if you have any transfers, you will need to go to each ring and give that information to the ring clerk.

See also “Corrections” for related information.