Filling Out An Entry Form

Each cat entered in a show must be entered in a specific manner (in accordance with CFA Show Rules) and with a version of an official entry form.

This form may take the form of: 
an actual paper entry form mailed in with the appropriate fees to the entry clerk (obtained from the entry clerk; the master clerk at a show may also have one as they are usually included in the show package), The CFA website has a pdf that you can download, fill out, and email or mail.
an online entry Enter with the official CFA Online Entry form. Fill out the form online and submit. You will still need to send your payment in by whichever method the club indicates.
– some pedigree software also includes an entry form that can be generated off the cat’s pedigree and faxed to the entry clerk

Complete information about the various entry blank fields is available on the CFA Website at

It is extremely important that all the information you submit is accurate. This includes the spelling of the cat’s name as well as the breeder’s and owner’s names. Remember that the entry clerk will enter in the exact information that you provide – it is your responsibility to make sure that it is correct.

Ever notice that the same entry error occurs across several shows? Some entry programs share databases based on previous entries. If a cat’s information has changed (such as his color class) that information might not have changed in the database. Attach a note to the form asking the entry clerk to make sure that this information is entered correctly. Doing this for a few shows may change that information in the database.

Contact the entry clerk via phone or email to make sure that he/she has received your entries (and all of them if you have entered more than one cat)

As per CFA Show Rule 6.23 “It is the responsibility of the exhibitor to ensure, prior to his arrival at the show, that an entry form for each of his cats/kittens entered in the show has been received by the entry clerk prior to the close of entries. Cats/kittens whose entry information is not printed in the catalog, but is included as an addendum, will not receive credit for any awards achieved at the show unless approved by the CFA Central Office (see rules 7.10 and 12.06).”

You should have received a confirmation with your cat’s information, the status of your payment (received or still owed), and a show flyer within 2 weeks of your entry being submitted. It may be emailed or mailed to you, so do make sure those fields are correct on your entry. Entry clerks must return a confirmation within 10 days of receipt of the entry. If you have any question about the status of your entry, contact the entry clerk. If you are submitting your entry at the last minute, either fax or enter online. If you mail in your entry, overnight it and waive the signature.

As per CFA Show Rule 6.21: “All FAX or email entries must be paid in full within 10 days of receipt or prior to the start of the show, whichever is first. Once a cat is entered, entry cancellations or refunds of fees due or paid is at the option of the sponsoring club.” Meaning – If, after you have entered a show, you find that you cannot go, you still have to pay for your entry. IF the club chooses to, if MAY refund your entry fee, but this usually only happens if the show fills and there is a waiting list of exhibitors to get in.

When you do receive your confirmation, check it carefully for errors. Make sure that the title, color class, age, and color are all correct. If there is time, let the entry clerk know of any errors. Otherwise you will make these corrections with the Master Clerk at the show.

Confused about what color class and/or description your cat is? Read “Color Classes and Descriptions.”