Reading a Show Schedule Listing

Looking at a show schedule for the first time might be a bit confusing for some, but once you understand the terms and abbreviations, it’s actually not so complex.

All of CFA’s shows are listed at the CFA Event Calendar and  and by months within the show season year. The show season runs from May through April.

Let’s look at a typical listing from a show listed in that schedule:

14(L). PA, LEBANON: Lebanon Valley Expo Center, West Hall, 2120 Cornwall Road. One Fine Day. 5AB, 1Spec. Judges: Fuller(AB), Stevens(AB), Roy(AB), Petty(AB), Zottoli(AB), Myers(LH/SH). EF $45 1st, $40 2nd+, HHP EF same, CD June 23; entry limit 225. Info: Shirley Peet, 415 Shore Drive, Joppa, MD 21085. 410-679-1873. Email

14 – the date of the show. This is a one day show; other shows held on both Saturday and Sunday this weekend would be listed as 14-15

(L) – the show has been licensed. Shows for which Central Office has not received a licensed, but have received at least one judge’s contract for are designated as “Pending” and denoted as (P)

PA, LEBANON – city and state the show is held

Lebanon Valley Expo Center…: the name and location of the showhall

One Fine Day: The show’s sponsoring club

5AB, 1Spec.: The show’s format. AB – allbreed ring, Spec – a longhair/shorthair specialty ring

Judges: a list of the 6 judges who will be judging this show. The AB after a name means they will be judging an Allbreed ring. LH/SH after a name means that that judge will be judging a Longhair/Shorthair specialty ring. Some judges may have only a LH or a SH after their name. This shows that they will be judging only that one specialty with another judge taking the opposite specialty ring.

EF – Entry Fee

CD – Closing Date – the last date entries will be accepted

Entry Limit: The number of cats permitted to enter the show. By show rules, one day shows may have a maximum of 225 cats entered. 2 day show may have up to 450 cats entered. Note that that this is the maximum number of cats accepted – not the actual number that enter or show up.

Info: The entry clerk’s name and their contact information

Other terms one might see include:

TBA – To Be Announced. (instead of a judge’s name). A judge has yet to be contracted for that show.

Information that has been struck through – the original information has changed. The original information is left to stand but struck though and the current information follows it.

Agility (also show with the red, white, and blue graphic) – this show offers Feline Agility.