Finals and Points

(article courtesy of Nancy Jo Bueno)

Basically, there are two systems of awarding points during the finals –

      1. The top 10 or 15 awards earn points toward regional and national awards
      2. and the champion (premier) awards earn points toward grand titles

Let’s address the champion (premier) awards first.

Usually the ring clerk will call “the bottom half of the finals” first, and that’s normally the way it is announced. In an allbreed final 6 numbers are called and those will be opens and champions (or 4 premiers) in both the longhair and shorthair groups. In a specialty final only 3 numbers ( or 2 in premiership) will be called because the longhairs and shorthairs finals are separated. 

Sometimes, additional numbers will be called but that is simply to make room for the remaining cats in a final. If the final has a lot of males, show rules require that they cannot be in adjoining cages. But that does not affect the award of the champion (premier) points that count toward a grand.

In the allbreed finals, there will be 3 longhair open/champion (or 2 premier) cats and 3 shorthair open/champion (or 2 premier) cats. The longhair cats receive best LH champion (premier), 2nd best LH champion(premier)and 3rd best longhair champion. The shorthair cats receive best SH champion (premier), 2nd best SH champion(premier)and 3rd best SH champion.

Those 6 open/champion (or 4 open/premier) cats are then considered for best AB champion (premier), 2nd best AB champion (premier) and 3rd best AB champion.

These awards during finals and best champion(premier) in your cat’s breed/division are the way cats earn points toward its grand title. There is a tool on our NewBee site that helps you calculate points for the grand title.  See the article here on how points are calculated

Now for the “top half of the finals” (and that’s usually how it is called). These are the points for regional and national awards. It’s pretty straightforward – Best through 10th Best. There are a minimum number of cats required in the show to award 11th through 15th Best.

HOWEVER it can get confusing if an open or champion (premier) is also awarded a place in the top 10 or top 15. That lucky cat gets not only the regional and national points but also the champion (premier) points for their grand. Does that happen? Oh, absolutely. opens and champions (premiers) might even be awarded best cat. The top awards are NOT restricted to Grands.

Check out this graphic for more information on determining grand points and regional/national points.

The regional/national points and the champion (premier) points to earn the grand title are figured differently. That’s why the tools are available.

Listen for the “unofficial count” at shows. That gives you the points structure to calculate your points. Be aware that these points are unofficial and the final determination of points comes from CFA. (they are posted in CFA’s eCats subscription) Occasionally the unofficial and official counts will differ.
The “count” includes:

      LH Kittens
      SH Kittens
      AB Kittens (the total number of kittens benched)

      LH Championship
      SH Championship
      AB Championship (the total of all opens, champions and grands benched)
      LH Champions (includes the number of LH opens and champions benched. Grands are omitted.)
      SH Champions (includes the number of SH opens and champions benched. Grands are omitted.)
      AB Champions (includes the number of all opens and champions benched. Grands are omitted.)

      LH Premiership
      SH Premiership
      AB Premiership (the total of all opens, premiers and grands benched)
      LH Premiers(includes the number of LH opens and premiers benched. Grands are omitted.)
      SH Premiers (includes the number of SH opens and premiers benched. Grands are omitted.)
      AB Premiers (includes the number of all opens and premiers benched. Grands are omitted.)

One last note. If your cat gets a best of breed or best champion (premier) while in the breed classes and then makes a final, only the highest score is kept for that ring. It is usually what is earned in the final, but in rare cases, the breed awards could be higher.