Show Entry Payments

Every cat entered in a show has an entry fee and these fees should be paid at the time the entry is made. Sometimes, this is impossible (such as with a fax or online entry). In these instances, the payment is mailed in with a copy of the entry form. Should for whatever reason the payment is not mailed in prior to start of the show (such as when an exhibitor waits until the last minute) they are expected to pay at the door.

What if you enter a show and then do not attend? You must still pay the entry fee if you have not done so already. And if you have paid, you cannot request a refund (show rule 6.21 “No entry fee will be returned because of failure to bench…”). The only time that one might ask for a refund is if a contracted judge must cancel prior to the closing date and an exhibitor does not wish to show under the replacement judge. (show rules 3.14 & 6.28).

Sometimes a show will fill early (such as a one day show, or a back to back show – both with 225 limits). In this instance an entry clerk might (at the request of the show manager) ask for substitutions if he knows that he has a waiting list of entries who will fill those entries that are pulled. However, this is done solely at the direction of the show manager.

What would happen should you refuse to pay an entry? or perhaps have a check bounce? Show Rules 5.01n, 6.21, & 13.11 outline the procedure a club must follow to collect these fees, which can ultimately end in a $100 processing fee from CFA, termination of CFA services (registration, etc) until the fee is paid, voiding of all wins at the show in question until the fee is paid, and whatever fees the club has listed on its flyer (returned check fees, for example)