Clipping Nails

New exhibitors often remark that they really aren’t sure of the best way to clip their cats’ nails and how much of the nail that they can safely clip. (and remember, show rules DO state that all cats’ nails must be clipped!). Clipping nails is really fairly easy, once you and you cat get used to it.

Nail Clippers

Using the correct tool makes a lot of difference. Most exhibitors use clippers that look like small scissors with a notch on the end. (see photo). These have the advantage of being easy to use, will hold the nail in position. Sharp clippers will also make clipping claws much easier.

The Cat’s Nail

The cat’s nail is much like the human fingernail. The end  portion of the nail is like the white portion of the fingernail. The quick is where the nerve endings and blood vessels are, and is like the human nailbed. It is pink and usually easily seen. 

Gently press on the underside of the paw at the base of the nail and the cat will automatically extend that claw. If the cat is a longhair, sometimes wetting the fur will make it easier to see the nail. Some longhair exhibitors will clip nails just after the cat’s bath for this reason. The nail itself is larger from top to bottom than it is from side to side. If your cat is sensitive’ about having her nails clipped, you may find it easier to clip the nail from side to side as it puts less pressure on the nail and causes less sensation. 

You can safely cut the nail up to a couple of millimeters past the quick