What Does an Entry Clerk Do?

With all this discussion about entries, what does an entry clerk actually do?

He is ‘Information Central’ in regards to the show. He provides fliers for the show and answers any questions that a potential exhibitor might have.

When the Entry Clerk received your cat’s entry, he takes its information and enters it into an “Entry Program.” At the close of entries, he then uses this program to generate a series of reports that form the backbone of the show. These reports will be used to create:

The Show Catalog – this is a listing in numerical order of all the cats competing in the show and information about each entry.

The Judges’ Catalog – the catalog that the judge uses in the ring. It contains only a limited about of information – just the color, color class, age, sex, and title of the cat.

Benching information – Information about the number of cats each exhibitor has, additional (double) cages, end of row or handicapped request, grooming spaces, a cat’s agent, and if they would like to be benched with someone. Agent requests and bona fide handicap request requests must be honored as well as any items paid for. All other requests are met to the ability of the club at their discretion.

Payment Information – the record of who has paid for their entry and who still owes a full or partial amount.

Judging schedules, the number of cages that the show will need, and a variety of other lists are also generated from this information

The Entry Clerk is one of the hardest working persons in the show. They work long hours and handle a lot of information in exacting detail. Should you need to contact an Entry Clerk, please do – but be mindful of his time zone. Also keep your questions to the essentials as they’re probably fielding questions from many other exhibitors as well.