Show Preparation

There’s SO much to do to get ready for a cat show! And yes, it can be confusing and a bit frustrating remembering what you need to do. We’ve tried to break down the various steps, but remember: things can and do change so do continue to be familiar with both the current CFA Show Rules and the details of the show which you will be entering.

Here’s something else that many new exhibitors don’t realize: your work preparing your cat for a show starts months before you even enter the show hall. He needs to be in show condition, which means his body must be firm and the coat in perfect condition. And, ideally he should be used to noises, commotion, and being handled as a judge will handle him.

Entering a show might seem overwhelming at first, but we’ve tried to break down the various parts for you. It’s logical – once you understand the various aspects and how color classes (think “color classifications”) are arranged.