Making Catalog Corrections

Sometimes, you make a mistake. Sometimes, others make mistakes for you. Sometimes they just plain happen and sometimes things just change. This is just as true at a cat show as it is in ‘real life.’ But if you know how to handle the occurrence, the impact will be minimal and everyone involved will be happy. “My entry is wrong in the catalog!” Much of a cat’s information MUST be correct in the catalog – or more specifically, in the master catalog that will go to Central Office at the end of the show. This includes the cat’s name, registration number (kittens may be shown without a registration number; however if they are to be scored for Regional or National points they must have a number and it must be correct), breeder and owners’ names, and color and color class number and description See CFA Show Rule 10.23

10.23 Correction of entry information: 
a. It is the exhibitor’s responsibility, upon arrival at the show, to confirm that the registration/recording number, region/area of residence, the color/tabby pattern, and other entry information as printed in the catalog is correct.

b. Transfers of ownership must be reported to the master clerk, and a correction slip must be filled out by the new owner, or agent indicating the correct name(s) of the owner.

c. If any of the entry information as printed in the catalog is in error, or a registration number or household pet recording number has not been printed in the catalog, it is the exhibitor’s responsibility to provide corrections of the information printed in error and/or the lacking registration or recording number to the master clerk or the Entry Clerk or their designee (individual handling check-in), as appropriate. An official catalog correction request form must be used and the exhibitor submitting the form must obtain a copy of the catalog correction form signed by the master clerk, or designated representative, showing the correct information has been supplied for corrections of erroneous or missing entry information involving the name, registration or recording number, birth date, ownership, region of residence of the cat, or competitive category (Novice, Open, Champion, Premier, Grand Champion, Grand Premier, Household Pet). This receipt should be retained by the exhibitor in the event any question might arise at a future date regarding an entry. For erroneous information regarding sex, age, color/tabby pattern, color class, competitive category (changes to or from Grand Champion/Grand Premier only) or competitive class of the cat, the correction must be made on the absentee/ transfer sheet with the entry clerk or their designee (individual handling check-in), or, if check-in is completed, with each ring clerk prior to the cat being judged. Correction of erroneous information regarding the sire, dam, or breeder is not required.

d. It is the exhibitor’s responsibility to submit the completed catalog correction request form to the master clerk no later than four (4) hours prior to the published or announced closing hour on the final day of the show. The master clerk is not required to accept catalog correction requests submitted after the cutoff time specified above.

Do note that as very often Master Clerks will be using an abbreviated form of the catalog without the Sire and Dam information it is not necessary to correct those names. The catalog entry information is generated off of the show entry . This same information appears on your confirmation. Always check your confirmation as soon as you receive it for accuracy, and follow up with the entry clerk to correct it if it is not. Also check your catalog information as soon as you get your catalog to again verify that all information is correct. Do make every effort to get corrections to the Master Clerk on Saturday. On Sunday he will be even busier trying to record information plus finalizing records, pulling together information, and completing judges’ records. “Who do I make what correction with? The Master Clerk? The Ring Clerk? Both? Neither?” Let’s first look at the function of both of these positions.

The Ring Clerk: – Brings the cats into the ring – Ensures that the judge has accurate information to judge the cats by – Records the ribbons as they are hung and verifies the judge’s paperwork

The Master Clerk – Records all awards that the judge has written down – Consolidates all show information into a package that is sent to Central Office

Therefore the Ring Clerk needs all corrections concerning actual judging: color and color class changes, age changes, title changes. The Master Clerk will pick up these changes as the judges’ sheets come to him.
The Master Clerk is responsible for required corrections that are NOT necessary for judging. These would include changes in ownership, name misspellings, and registration number additions or corrections.

How do I make these corrections? The Master Clerk will have small correction forms sitting at his desk for just this purpose. Just get one, fill it out, and return to him asap. He will later have your copy of the correction available for you. Ring Clerks do not have ‘official’ correction forms (unless one counts Post-It notes!). The best way to give a ring clerk information is to write it down and give them the note itself. They are often busy trying to do 5 things at once in order to keep the ring moving along. Stopping to write down your correction or any other information not only slows them down, it can lead to inaccurately communicating your correction! Do remember to give all corrections (including absentees and transfers done after the start of a show) as far ahead to the ring clerk as possible. Do not wait until he is about to bring up your cat (or worse, after he has called it up!) to give him the information.