Going to the Cat Show!

Getting to the show hall in a timely manner is one of the most important things you will do all day. Cat shows wait for neither man nor beast, and only sometimes weather, so it pays to do your research and make sure that you get to the show hall far in advance of the first ring call! Remember that should you be late to the show and you miss a ring because you were not at the show hall, the judge is under no obligation to reopen the class and judge your cat! Show Rule 11.07 states “An entry must be present and available for judging when the time for judging each entry is reached. An entry not so presented or available will be marked absent and the class will be judged as if such an entry had not been benched. It is the responsibility of the exhibitor or the exhibitor’s agent to see that the cat or kitten is presented for judging when the entry number is called the first time. Only one call to the judging ring is required.”

With the confirmation you should have also received directions to the show hall. It also pays to double check those directions against an area map. Allow yourself plenty of time – accidents can happen and something unforeseen may happen (traffic, accident) that may slow you down.

In a new city and really confused? If you are staying in one of the designated show hotels, chances are that there are other exhibitors staying there – find one who knows the way in and ask if you might follow.